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[LDM #YGE-641148]: PQACT Error


According to the od(1) output, there's absolutely nothing wrong with the small, 
problematical "pqact.conf" file.

There have been some bug fixes to the LDM since version 6.12.9 -- including 
fixes to pqact(1) and the product-queue. Can you try the latest version?

> Steve,
> ---  I BROKE IT  ???? ----  :)  Sorry.
> I have contacted one of our other offices, specifically our deployment 
> office, for the info on how it was compiled.
> As for the version, we are running version 6-12.9 on this particular zone. We 
> are running the same version of a second zone on the same physical server and 
> it is running without any problems.  Could this be a zone configuration 
> problem?  How can I tell?
> lrd-wmlocal2:/netapp/wmsoft/ldm/ldm-6.12.9
> Here is the output for the od command.
> lrd-wmlocal2:/netapp/h0ldm #6 > od -c etc/pqact.conf
> 0000000   S   P   A   R   E  \t   ^   (   .   *   )  \n  \t   F   I   L
> 0000020   E  \t   -   s   t   r   i   p       -   o   v   e   r   w   r
> 0000040   i   t   e       -   c   l   o   s   e       /   n   e   t   a
> 0000060   p   p   /   h   0   l   d   m   /   d   a   t   a   /   S   P
> 0000100   A   R   E   /   \   1  \n  \n  \n
> 0000111
> lrd-wmlocal2:/netapp/h0ldm #7 >
> I donât see a core file being created.
> Mike

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: YGE-641148
Department: Support LDM
Priority: Normal
Status: Closed

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