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[NOAAPORT #UFV-857333]: pqact.conf at mistral

Hi Yixin,

Sorry for the slow reply...

> The results had been the same bad even with the same cables and connectors
> after updating and relocating the mistral server. It used showing the
> patterns of much more missing data at night last year.  The data seemed to
> ok early this spring. I am confused.

I have been interpreting what is being seen as being an indication that there
is some sort of noise source in the building where mistral and the NOAAPort
satellite dish are installed.  I am guessing that the noise source is not
continuous, and this was the cause of there being good times of data ingest
and bad.  Since I have no idea what sorts of things are in the building
in question, I can't guess as to what may be happening.

If we were experiencing the same problem(s) as you, we would try to setup
a transportable computer (e.g., Intel NUC) that we could locate (along with
the Novra S300N) at the dish and thus cut the signal path to a few feet.
We would then run the test ingestion for as long as possible to see if
there is any significant improvement in ingest quality.  If improvement
was seen, the next step would be to increase the signal path little by
little to see if there is some cable length or run (where the coax is run
over the roof) that would result in measurably worse ingestion.  On the other
hand, if ingestion at the dish was as bad as it is in the current setup, it
would seem to indicate that there is likely some problem at the dish (e.g.,
problem with the LNB, connector(s), bad Novra S300N, poor dish alignment, etc.).
Also, the problems you are seeing could be caused by some local source
of Terrestrial Interference (TI).  If this is the case, the solution is
much harder -- the dish would probably need to be relocated.


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