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[LDM #FNS-542635]: not started


Assuming your ssh(1) daemon is correctly configured, then adding the attached 
entries to the file "~ldm/.ssh/authorized_keys" should allow me to log onto the 
system as the LDM user.

> ---
> You're problem is very unusual. Would it be possible for me to log onto a 
> non-operational system that's exhibiting the problem as the LDM user?
> ---
> Non-operational no :(  However you may log into the system itself causing 
> problems... give me a private way to send you the login credentials and the 
> IP you will be logging in from (hosts.allow / deny are in use) and you may 
> look around...
> A new rack of servers have been ordered and they 'should' show up later this 
> week.. my tech guy will need a day or so to set them up... fyi they are going 
> in here:
> http://new.511building.com/
> Which reminds me once they are up unidata may of course use us as a backup 
> again or any alternate feeds you may need... I remember one for a wisc site 
> awhile ago... I can't remember at the moment if it was you or tom or jweber 
> that usually does that, but once things are running smoothly you guys may of 
> course have the first feed... Unsure at the moment if just one or two of our 
> dishes will feed that location.. depends on permissions etc..
> Brain is still a little fuzzy, but also was just thinking once the new colo 
> is up I can move operations over and leave that box empty and open, then you 
> can drop some semtex on it if you like :)
> Hope you are having a good weekend..
> Cheers,
> --patrick

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: FNS-542635
Department: Support LDM
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Status: Closed

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