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20150708: Question about LDM pattern-action file processing

Hi Carol,

>I'm in the process of running some new entries in the pqact of our main 
>ldm server. I'm not 100% why these new entries aren't working, but I 
>have an idea.


>I'm looking for a set of files initially to archive them on our local 
>machine. Then later in the pqact I'm looking for those same files to 
>start running shell script. Is it possible that those files are can only 
>have 1 pqact entry?

No.  Each valid entry in an LDM pattern-action file (there can be multiple
ones) is processed in the order that they appear in the pattern-action
file.  If there is an error in an action below the one that is running,
all actions from that point on will be skipped.  One can do a gross
check on the validity of actions in a pattern action file by running:

<as 'ldm'>
ldmadmin pqactcheck

If an error is indicated, edit the pattern-action file, correct the error
and rerun 'ldmadmin pqactcheck'.  Continue the process until all errors
have been found and fixed.

>Are the files already out of the queue by the time I 
>want to run the shell script?

No.  The product is piped to each action specified in the pattern-action
file entry.  This means that the existence of the product in the LDM
queue is not significant since it has already been read and is being
sent to each action.

The most likely causes for your second action to not be working are:

- an error in an action at or before the action that is not being

- the extended regular expression (EREX) specified in the action that is
  not running does not match the Product ID for the product that
  is wanted to be processed

  Are the EREXs for the two actions the same?

- there is an error in the script that is being run as the second


- if you can spot the problem in your pattern-action file, please send
  it and the script that the action that is not working is trying
  to run as attachments to a follow-up email so we can take a close
  look at your setup


In the future, please send LDM related inquiries to:


This will insure that it gets sent to our inquiry tracking system where
more than one Unidata staff member can see it and respond if they have
the answer.  Sending questions to our inquiry tracking system will
help prevent the case where the staff member a question is sent to is
unavailable for any reason (on travel, etc.).


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