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[LDM #SJF-337060]: SSD for PQ

Hi Clint,

re: not getting back to you in a timely manner
> No problem. As you noticed, it's doing well -- better than I expected.

> Yes, I did go
> with ext4 and the default mounting options.

Since sending you the note, I had a chance to talk with Mike, and he verified
that he opted to use 'ext4' as the FS for the SSD on our Edex machine.

> I'm not exactly sure what those are on our
> system and I'd like to find out if TRIM is enabled, but I'm not exactly sure 
> how to
> determine that, or even if it matters for the product queue (which is the 
> only thing on
> the SSD).  If you or Mike have some guidance on that, I'd certainly like to 
> hear it. I
> found a pretty good (I think) explanation/how-to at 
> http://blog.neutrino.es/2013/howto-
> properly-activate-trim-for-your-ssd-on-linux-fstrim-lvm-and-dmcrypt/.  I'm 
> not using
> dm-crypt (whatever that is) and there's only a single disk (other than the 
> SSD), so no
> LVM, either.  That leaves his recommendation of not using the discard option 
> in fstab
> and, instead, running fstrim periodically -- which he makes a good case for.

Here is how the SSD is mounted on our Edex system (line from /etc/fstab):

/dev/sdb1               /awips2                 ext4    defaults        0 1

re: is TRIM enabled?

We are not doing anything overtly to enable/use TRIP... yet  We have been
running an Intel NUC as one of our NOAAPort ingest machines with an SSD
and that is where the LDM queue resides for a number of months now, and
we have not seen any degradation in performance... yet.


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