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[LDM #GKQ-786194]: install


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> big steve [image: Smile]
> ldm 6.12.14
> Error 1 during make install from trying to create directory â/home/etcâ :/
> configure line:
> address@hidden:~/ldm-6.12.14$ ./configure --enable-logging=local0
> --disable-max-size --localstatedir=/home/ldm > config.txt 2>&1

I think we can solve your problem by changing your invocation of the 
"configure" script to

./configure --disable-max-size >configure.log 2>&1

    The "--enable-logging" option is unnecessary because "local0" is the 
    The operand of the "--localstatedir" option should probably be 
"/home/ldm/etc". This is the cause of the problem. Leave the entire option off 
because the script will get the right directory by default.
    "configure.log" is the name in the documentation for the output file from 
the configure-script.
    Do you truly need the "--disable-max-size" option? You should only use it 
if you have a product-queue from a previous 32-bit installation that you 
absolutely must re-use.

Execute the command "make distclean" before re-executing the configure script.

> (error also occurs if using just our old â./configureâ )
> config log if you wish to see:
> http://modelweather.com/files/config.txt
> screen cap of fatal below [image: Smile]
> -- [image: image]
> cheers,
> --patrick
> ----------------------------------------
> Patrick L. Francis
> Vice President of Research & Development
> Media Logic Group
> now AerisWeather
Steve Emmerson

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