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[LDM #QEL-970387]: LDM at NOAA


> The receiver connects to the same switch and VLAN as the backup server
> so there are no firewall rules involved.

The firewall rules I referred to are the ones on the backup server. If 
tcpdump(1) shows UDP packets arriving at the backup server but 
dvbs_multicast(1) shows nothing, then the likely cause is a firewall rule on 
the backup server that disallows incoming UDP broadcast packets.

> I did find that the multi-cast
> routing was not on the backup server,

Are you saying that you did find a firewall rule on the backup server that 
disallowed incoming UDP broadcast packets?

> so I copied that config file from
> the primary to the backup and restarted the network.  Still no LDM data
> coming in to the server.  Other than goig ot the backup site to
> physically check the DVBS, is there anything else I can look on the
> server side ?
> I see a lot of stuff in tcpdump but not sure what I'm looking for. I
> don't see the IP address of the DVBS in either tcpdump on my primary or
> backup server.
> Thanks
> Russ
Steve Emmerson

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