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[LDM #NHU-370026]: LDM 6.12.10 will not write to disk...are pqacts being read?


I just checked the LDM 6.12.10 installation on our Linux 2.6.35 system that 
decodes almost everything and both the PIPE and FILE actions are working.

Use the command "ps -ef | grep pqact" to get the PID-s of your pqact(1) 
processes, then send a USR2 signal to one of them to put it in verbose logging 
mode. Check the LDM log file for messages from that PID to see if it's filing 
or piping. When you're done, send two more USR2 signals to the process to put 
it back in normal logging mode and verify by checking the LDM log file 
(debugging mode will fill-up your disk).

> Steve,
> I just discovered a fatal error with LDM 6.12.10. The reason why the load
> average is so low when it runs is...it refuses to write to disk! I have no
> idea what is going on. I cannot tell if it isn't reading the pqact, or if
> it is not executing something. But nothing is being saved to disk, even
> though and "ldmadmin watch" shows all feeds coming in normally, and no
> alert messages are going out that it is down.
> Gilbert
> --
> ----
> Gilbert Sebenste
> Chief Meteorologist
> AllisonHouse, LLC

Steve Emmerson

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