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[LDM #QAD-174388]: question about origins of LDM data.


> Hi,
> I've been using pqcat with the -O option to find the origin of data on the
> LDM that is produced using our products, and I had a couple of questions.
> #1) In this example:
> May 13 22:04:36 pqcat[25498] INFO:  2447227 20150513211628.840     EXP 000
> CIP15 2015051321 20150513_210000.grb2 awcdas.awc_v_204.227.127.47
> As far as I can tell .awc is not a valid TLD.  How is awcdas.awc being set
> as the origin of this data?

The LDM ingester that created the data-product sets the name of the originating 
system -- hopefully (but not necessarily) from the value of the "/hostname" 
parameter in the LDM registry. In your example, either the value of that 
parameter is "awcdas.awc" or the ingester used something else.

We can't enforce compliance. 

> #2) In this example:
> May 13 22:04:53 pqcat[25513] INFO:     5485 20150513210007.889     HDS
> 27251900  YAWC34 KKCI 132000 !grib2/ncep/AWC_CIP/#130
> /201505132000F002/ICPRB/8230 m HGHT
> chico.unidata.ucar.edu_v_idd.unidata.ucar.edu
> The data is originally inserted on chico.unidata.ucar.edu.
Chico is the hostname of the machine that create this data-product.

> Is this part of
> the CONDUIT?

No. Chico is one of our machines that ingest data from the NOAAPort broadcast.

> What is the origin of this data before it gets to the LDM?
> How was it decided to put this data on the IDD?  Do you have any
> information about who uses this data?

Data from the NOAAPort broadcast is used by almost all of our users. You can 
see the distribution tree for NOAAPort textual data-products at 

> Thanks,
> Paul Prestopnik
> In-Flight Icing @ RAL/NCAR

Steve Emmerson

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