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[LDM #HEQ-649192]: LDM fault tolerance


Start here: 
<https://www.unidata.ucar.edu/software/ldm/ldm-current/basics/index.html>. In 
particular with the "Runtime Structure of a Generic LDM System" and "LDM 

Typically, the LDM doesn't determine the reliability of getting data: hardware 
and networking reliability are usually the determining factors.

> Greetings, I'm looking to use LDM to download some weather data and was
> interested in learning more about how LDM actually functions and standard
> approaches to add fault tolerance.
> Does the LDM client open a port to which a product list is sent (pushed)
> from a providing LDM server? If I'm running an LDM client, and the host
> it's on4 goes down and comes back up, will I have missed data or is there a
> way to request a list of products (pull)? Are there standard approaches
> employed by users of LDM to guarantee data arrival (short of losing some
> percentage of nodes)?
> Thanks for helping/pointing me in the right direction!
> - Geoffry

Steve Emmerson

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