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[LDM #VLH-822247]: TDWR Product

Hi Warren,

> The problem is identical to the one we were having before.

OK, but I have been unable to find the information about what was happening
before, or what was done to resolve the situation, so I need you to remind
us of the details.

> I might be misremembering the details, but I do remember it working for a
> couple of weeks after contacting you guys but then halting a few weeks later.

I see that you are requesting a select set of stations in the NEXRAD3 datastream
redundantly from two top level IDD relays, idd.meteo.psu.edu and idd.tamu.edu.
The NEXRAD3 volume plots for idd.meteo.psu.edu show that it is receiving
all of the data in the NEXRAD3 datastream; the same can not be said for
idd.tamu.edu, and this situation will need to be looked into.  However,
since you are REQUESTing the same set of stations and all products redundantly,
you should be receiving all of the NEXRAD3 products that you are asking
for.  Whether or not this is the case is not something that we can determine
from here since you (reg-10-17-160-133.uncc.edu) do not seem to be reporting
real-time statistics back to us.


- reg-10-17-160-133.uncc.edu does not resolve to an IP address:

% nslookup reg-10-17-160-133.uncc.edu

** server can't find reg-10-17-160-133.uncc.edu: NXDOMAIN


- can you send us the external IP address for your LDM machine?

  We want to see if we can contact your LDM using the utility
  'notifyme'.  If we can, we can monitor the NEXRAD3 data flowing
  into your machine and see if your problem is one of processing
  the data received or not getting the data in the first place.

> The following TDWR products are returning the same unsupported format
> error: TV0/TV1/TV2/NCR  All others are verified working or do not
> return the error.

The NEXRAD3 products are relayed in the same format as they are broadcast
in the NOAAPort SBN.  Since the LDM does not change data products that it
relays, the data products should be as viable for you as they are
for the site(s) that are relaying them to you, and we have had no
indication of either Penn State (idd.meteo.psu.edu) or TAMU (idd.tamu.edu)
having problems with NEXRAD3 data.

The only exception to products received being different from what
they are on the upstream(s) is when the LDM queue on the receiving
machine (your machine) has been damaged somehow, and the products are
being garbled when written to or read from your queue. Just so you know,
this kind of garbling is extremely rare, but we have seen it.

If your problem really is being caused by a corrupted LDM queue, the solution
is to delete and remake the queue:

<as 'ldm'>
ldmadmin stop
ldmadmin delqueue
ldmadmin mkqueue
ldmadmin start

Again, products being garbled by corrupt LDM queues is rare, but
deleting and remaking your queue can't hurt.


- how large is your LDM queue?

  We see that you are REQUESTing quite a bit of data, and if your
  system is slow/bogged down, products in the queue may not be
  processed out of the queue before they are scoured to make
  room for newly arriving products.  Knowing your queue size would
  help us judge whether this might have anything to do with your

- can you send us the output of:

<as 'ldm'>
ldmadmin config

> We are running LDM V 6.12.3 alongside GEMPAK V 7.1.0


> Our system is: reg-10-17-160-133.uncc.edu

Again, this name does not resolve to an IP address, so we are not
able to contact it using LDM utilities like 'ldmping' and 'notifyme'.
Please send us the external IP address of your machine, and we will
try to contact it.

> The output of ls -alt is below:


I just wanted to see if your installation follows the recommended LDM
setup -- a runtime link pointing to the version of the LDM you are
using, and it does.


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