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[LDM #BLJ-646993]: Issues with LDM 6.12.9


Judging from all the log messages about not being able to create files under 
directory "/home/gempak/GEMPAK7/metdat", I say the problem is that the LDM user 
doesn't have permission to create files under that directory.

Ensure that the LDM user and the GEMPAK user are in the same group and that all 
directories under the aforementioned one have group write permission.

> Hello,
> I am having issues with getting some decoded and stored via LDM.
> I installed 6.12.9 and was able to get it running and data is coming
> in.  However....not all data is being stored.  I am not sure if it is
> permissions or if I don't have a symbolic link set up properly or if it is
> something else.  Currently I am getting satellite and radar data stored
> and ingested and I can display it on NMAP2.  This included local radar
> files and the mosaic radar. The satellite data is fine as well.  I am also
> receiving the text products that I can view in NWX.  Not a problem there.
> However, my surface and upper air data is not being decoded/stored,
> same goes for model data and other data like MOS and redbook graphics
> and so forth.  I have attached a file that has the snippets from several
> log files so you can see.  I have checked my Gemenviron file to make
> sure I properly set that up, I have checked my datatype.tbl to make
> sure that is pointing to the right locations, I have double checked my
> permissions and my pqact.conf (which I also attached) and so I am at a
> bit of a loss as to why some data is being stored but other data isn't.
> If you have any suggestions I would be glad to hear them.
> Thanks for your help.
> Kevin

Steve Emmerson

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