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[NOAAPORT #RBX-213298]: ports


I guess I'm not sure what you're asking because port numbers aren't relevant to 
the problem caused by having multiple downstream LDM-s that are behind a NAT 
device and requesting overlapping feeds from the same upstream LDM. The problem 
is that the upstream LDM sees the requests as coming from the same downstream 
computer (which has the IP address of the NAT device) and will disallow 
overlapping or identical requests.

If this is a problem, then one workaround is to disable this anti-DOS feature 
by modifying the LDM registry on the upstream LDM.

Another workaround is to make the requests appear to be non-overlapping or not 
identical by surrounding the regular expressions in the REQUEST entries with 
different levels of parentheses. For example, on one system

    REQUEST NEXRAD3 .* upstream.ldm.server

and on another system

    REQUEST NEXRAD3 (.*) upstream.ldm.server

> Um steve.. that wasnât the question
> The question was, would assigning specific ports to each downstream box solve 
> LDMâs issue of assigning random ports if the noaaport ingester is behind a 
> NAT?  I.e. currently 388 is defined, but as shown, random ports pop up.
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