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[LDM #EZZ-721081]: Weird issue observed on running LDM system


> Is it normal to lose a product during the transition?  We are dropping
> products when the transition occurs.

If the two upstream LDM-s have the same set of data-products and the feedtype 
and pattern fields in their REQUEST entries are identical, then no data-product 
will be lost during a switch-over.

> Can it be configured so that the switch only occurs during a total
> failure of the upstream node ?


> In theory, the product set on ingester and ingester_alt should be
> identical. I did try this:
> request EXP    "weathertap/wrf/noram_rr/.*"    ingester  PRIMARY
> request EXP    "weathertap/wrf/noram_rr/.*"    ingester_alt PRIMARY
> But got the same results. Would it not do the same thing as slightly
> modifying the second REQUEST regex ?

The PRIMARY and ALTERNATE keywords in a REQUEST entry no longer have any effect.

You can force the two connections to both be in PRIMARY mode by using 
semantically identical but syntactically different pattern. For example

request EXP    "weathertap/wrf/noram_rr/.*"    ingester
request EXP    "(weathertap/wrf/noram_rr/.*)"  ingester_alt

Naturally, the amount of bandwidth used will be approximately doubled.

> Thanks again.
> - Rob P.

Steve Emmerson

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