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[LDM #EYZ-451528]: Receiving Feedtype in LDM

Xiang Ji,

[I moved your email into our support-system so that others might benefit.]

> Hi Steve,
> I have some questions about receiving feedtypes in LDM.
> 1. I learn the LDM tutorial in website and receive the feedtype IDS|DDPLUS.
> All saved files are meteorologic data in different folder like AB, AE, AT,
> ... ,WW, WV, what do the folder names mean?

I don't know enough about WMO headers to tell you what those designations mean.

Information on WMO headers, however, can be found at 
<http://www.nws.noaa.gov/tg/headef.php> with further information at 

> And how can I obtain log file
> information like latency for this feedtype?

If the downstream LDM that's receiving the data-products is in verbose logging 
mode -- either via the command "ldmadmin start -v" or by sending the downstream 
LDM process a USR2 signal -- then the downstream LDM will log every 
data-product as it inserts it into the product-queue. The log message will 
include the current time and the time that the data-product was created. The 
difference between the two is the latency. Unfortunately, the temporal 
resolution of the logging messages is only one second.

> 2. I also try to receive NEXRAD2. I used the below entry like IDS in
> pqact.conf.
> ^(..)(..).. .... (..)(..)
> NEXRAD2/\1/\2/(\3:yyyy)(\3:mm)(\3:dd)T\4.txt
> I used ldmadmin watch command, LDM is receiving NEXRAD2, but it doesn't
> save it anywhere. So what is wrong with my configuration?

Does your LDM configuration-file (etc/ldmd.conf) has an EXEC entry for pqact(1)?

> Really sorry for disturbing in weekends.

No worries.

> Best wishes,
> Xiang Ji

Steve Emmerson

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