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[LDM #XKS-398652]: request for enlightenment


> I'm in need of a little LDM enlightenment and hope you can provide it!

I'll try.

> We've recently installed the latest ldm 6.12.6 with the noaaport option.
> We've got a 2GB queue and have started ldmd with -m 3600 -o 3600 command
> line options. Our pqmon stats currently look like this (sorry for the
> wrapping):
> Sep 26 19:53:38 pqmon NOTE: nprods nfree  nempty      nbytes  maxprods
> maxfree  minempty    maxext  age
> Sep 26 19:53:43 pqmon NOTE:  39016     3       0  1176418736     39018
> 8         0 803106848 873
> I'm confused. We're allowing up to 3600 secs of products, but the oldest
> product is only 873 secs.

Not quite. The "-m 3600" option specifies that the maximum allowable latency is 
one hour (products created earlier than this will not be put in the 
product-queue). The "-o 3600" option specifies that REQUEST entries in the LDM 
configuration-file will use a time-offset of one hour (i.e., they'll request 
data starting at one hour old).

> Our queue is 2 GB, but only 1176418736 bytes
> is being used?

Correct. Your queue only has slots available for 39019 data-products. Thus, 
your queue is slot-limited rather than space-limited.

> So, we have approximately .8 GB not being used, but we're
> nowhere near the 3600 sec oldest product? Can you explain what I'm
> seeing here? Any enlightenment you can give would be greatly
> appreciated!
> On a somewhat related subject, our LDM is on a 32 bit operating system
> currently. It's on-the-list to upgrade to a 64 bit OS. Is it a "bad
> thing" to have a queue larger than 2 GB on a 32 bit OS? And what is the
> recommended queue size for a NOAAPort based machine getting all 5
> channels?

I'm not an expert on the hardware specifications. I'll see about getting one to 
answer this question.

> Steve
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Steve Emmerson

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