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[LDM #QQT-573632]: ldm-6.12.5 patch


> While building using the attached RPM spec file, I discovered that
> configuring, using "sysconfdir=/etc/ldm", fails to change the regutil
> default from "$LDMHOME/etc".  I have attached "registar.patch" to fix the
> issue.  I'm also attaching my "ldm.spec" and additional files I use in my
> RPM so that you can build, install and test the solution.  You are fee to
> use all or part of any files I'm attaching.

In order to support easy upgrading of the LDM package and reverting to a 
previous version when necessary, the LDM package uses a particular installation 
directory structure: the environment variable $LDMHOME specifies the 
home-directory of the LDM installation, certain subdirectories under $LDMHOME 
are common to all package versions (e.g., $LDMHOME/etc, $LDMHOME/var), and each 
version of the LDM package is built and installed in a version-specific 
subdirectory of $LDMHOME (e.g., $LDMHOME/ldm-6.12.5/src, 

Your RPM spec-file appears to violate this design. The LDMHOME variable

    %global ldmhome         /home/ldm
    LDMHOME=%{ldmhome}; export LDMHOME

appears to be inconsistent with the "prefix" argument of the configure(1) 

    %global _prefix /usr/local
    ./configure --prefix=%{_prefix} ...

If you modify your RPM spec-file to follow the conventions assumed by the LDM 
package, then your problem should disappear.

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: QQT-573632
Department: Support LDM
Priority: Normal
Status: Closed

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