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[NOAAPORT #SVN-827680]: rpc error

Hi Patrick,

> >Which LDM has that log message?
> latest ldm - 6.11.7

OK, but Steve was really asking:

> >The upstream LDM listening to the dish or a downstream LDM trying to
> >connect to the dish's LDM?
> downstream connecting to dish directly... cmcs shows everything is good
> :/

I don't think that I understand this, but the problem could be terminology:

The way that I describe things is that an LDM running on the machine
doing the NOAAPort ingest will feed the products that are inserted into
its queue to one or more downstream machines.  In this role, it would
be recognized to be an _upstream_ LDM (i.e., provider) not a downstream
LDM (i.e., recipient).

> wondering if it's an rpc library issue?

The typical things that I have seen that prevent the UDP packets coming
from, for instance, a Novra S300 are:

- routing for the UDP packets is not setup or is setup incorrectly

- the firewall on the machine is not allowing the UDP packets from
  getting to the 'dvbs_multicast' (on setups that are running the
  uncombined 'dvbs_multicast' and 'readnoaaport' processes) or the
  'noaaportIngester' (on setups that are running the combined
  'noaaportIngester') processes

That the Novra 'cmcs' utility can see the S300 is very good, but
I am not sure that it means that there isn't a firewall blocking
the flow of the UDP packets.


- how did you setup routing for the UDP streams?

  On RedHat type systems (I seem to remember that you are _NOT_
  a RedHat/Fedora/CentOS/etc. user), this is easily accomplished
  by creating the file /etc/sysconfig/static-routes with content

any net netmask gw dev eth1


  - '' has to be modified to match the IP of your
    Ethernet interface that your Novra is connected to

  - 'eth1' has to be modified to match the Ethernet device
    for your Novra connection

  - also, one should modify their /etc/sysctl.conf file
    to include:

# DVBS multicast fragment reassembly 
net.ipv4.ipfrag_max_dist = 0

    Again, this is for systems running RedHat flavors of Linux.

  - finally, one must also make sure that SELINUX is configured
    to allow LDM logging.  This is done on RedHat flavor linux
    systems by changing:




    And then rebooting to force the change to take effect.


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