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[LDM #YGF-727428]: LDM at NOAA


Your "make.log" file contained the following:

Making all in tutorial
make[4]: Entering directory `/home/ldm/ldm-6.11.7/html/tutorial'
rm -rf tutorial
tclsh generate/generate.tcl -verbose \
            -target tutorial \
            -noglossary \
couldn't read file "generate/generate.tcl": no such file or directory

The make(1) should not have executed the tclsh(1) command. I'm at a loss to 
understand why -- especially because the LDM has been successfully installed on 
many RHEL 6 systems.

Would you please delete the source directory and start from scratch with the 
tarball. Please let me know if this recurs.

> I am a sysadmin with NOAA and I am working with William Pennoyer who had
> been in contact with you concerning LDM running on RedHat Version 6.
> We have LDM installed on a server that communicates to the outside for
> NOAAPORT, Family of Services and LDM data.  This external facing is working
> fine.  We have other servers that communicate internally with this server
> using LDM.
> One issue we are having is that LDM is not communicating on port 388
> internally to our servers...it appears to be picking random ports and
> communication is failing.
> I attempted to install the latest version of LDM ( 6.11.7 ), and get an
> error during the make process.  I have attached the logs.
> Also,  is there an LDM rpm that can be installed?
> Thanks
> Russ

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: YGF-727428
Department: Support LDM
Priority: Normal
Status: Closed

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