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[LDM #NDJ-862794]: Problems accessing data from Southern Region HQ LDM


I have no idea why you're getting duplicate log entries. I'll stop worrying
about that for now.

Your notifyme(1) indicated that your LDM should be able to receive data.
Just to make sure, would you please send the output from the command

    notifyme -vl- -f EXP -h srh-ls-cpnrs2.srh.noaa.gov

The "-l" option sends the output to standard output rather than mixing it in
with the LDM log file. Let it run for a while and tell me if it shows any

In another xterm(1) window, simultaneously execute the command "ldmadmin watch".
Do the same products appear in both?

If the notifyme(1) shows products but the "ldmadmin watch" doesn't, then it's
possible that the relevant ALLOW entry in the upstream LDM's configuration-file
has regular-expressions in the OK-pattern and NOT-pattern fields that prevent
data-products from being sent to you. (This is a feature and not a bug). You'll
need to contact the LDM user at the upstream site to check this.

> address@hidden ~]$ fgrep local0 /etc/*syslog.conf
> local0.none    /var/log/messages
> local0.*    /usr1/ldm/var/logs/ldmd.log
> Justin

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: NDJ-862794
Department: Support LDM
Priority: Normal
Status: Closed

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