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[NOAAPORT #FDX-839863]: NWWS addition to NOAAport...how to get it?


> So, it looks like, with NOAA's announcement yesterday, the NOAA Weather
> Wire Service (NWWS) will be available via the same broadcast that NOAAport
> will be on. I have questions:
> Will we need a new Novra receiver and network card to pick up the
> broadcast? And ff so, can we use ETH2 (a 3rd network card) to ingest it?

Tom knows more about this than I do. Hopefully, he'll chime in.

AFAIK, your existing Novra receiver can be reprogrammed to receive the new 
broadcast. If you want to receive both broadcasts, then you'll need two 

I'm not sure what you mean by "ETH2 (a 3rd network card)".


> Will LDM 6.7 be able to use this feed? How?

If the UDP packets are the same, then the LDM 6.7 NOAAPORT ingest will handle 
them the same. I don't know if the UDP packets will be the same.


> On that note, will NWWS via the NOAAport broadcast have products in a
> format like NOAAport is (eg, no need to change our pqact file to get the
> products)?

I don't know. I don't follow the data all that well.


> I am guessing that NWS is fed up with the major outages they have had with
> their vendor with NWWS.
> and want to have something for NWS offices to use when NOAAport goes down.
> Gilbert
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> Gilbert Sebenste
> Chief Meteorologist
> AllisonHouse, LLC

Steve Emmerson

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