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[LDM #YTQ-137382]: Bug in LDM 6.11.7; showing wrong version in ldmd.log

Hey Gilbert,

Monday morning? As if!

Please become the LDM user in their home-directory on one of the systems that's 
showing the wrong version identifier. Then send me the output of the following 
commands. You may stop at the first deviation.

    type ldmadmin # if you use a standard shell
    which ldmadmin # if you use a csh(1)-like shell
    echo $PATH # should have $HOME/bin
    ls -l bin # should be "runtime/bin"
    ls -l runtime # should be "ldm-6.11.7"
    ldmadmin config | fgrep PATH # should have $HOME/ldm-6.11.7/bin as the 
first component
    ls -l ldm-6.11.7/bin/ldmd # should have a recent date
    strings ldm-6.11.7/bin/ldmd | fgrep 6.11 # should be 6.11.7
    fgrep PACKAGE_VERSION= ldm-6.11.7/src/configure # should be 6.11.7
    fgrep PACKAGE_VERSION ldm-6.11.7/src/config.h # should be 6.11.7

> Hello Steve,
> This is a weird bug...all the best figuring this one out.
> I updated AllisonHouse, and the College of DuPage, and in my other hat,
> at NIU to LDM 6.11.7. But when I went to your RTSTATS web site,
> it said NONE of COD's machines were updated (showing the previous version,
> even though it was erased!), and one at AllisonHouse wasn't updated...our
> satellite ingester! So tonight, I erased LDM-6.11.6 from the satellite
> ingester at AllisonHouse...then I erased LDM 6.11.7 as well...and
> recompiled 6.11.7. After I did that, I saw this in ldmd.log:
> Apr 12 02:10:39 bird01 ldmd[16158] NOTE: Starting Up (version: 6.11.6;
> built: No
> v 18 2013 14:57:25)
> Apr 12 02:10:39 bird01 ldmd[16158] NOTE: Using local address
> Apr 12 02:10:39 bird01 rtstats[16160] NOTE: Starting Up (16158)
> Apr 12 02:10:39 bird01 dvbs_multicast[16163] NOTE: Starting Up 6.11.7
> Apr 12 02:10:39 bird01 dvbs_multicast[16161] NOTE: Starting Up 6.11.7
> Apr 12 02:10:39 bird01 dvbs_multicast[16162] NOTE: Starting Up 6.11.7
> Apr 12 02:10:39 bird01 dvbs_multicast[16164] NOTE: Starting Up 6.11.7
> Apr 12 02:10:39 bird01 dvbs_multicast[16165] NOTE: Starting Up 6.11.7
> OK, go figure THAT one out. LDM 6.11.6 is still on our other machines as a
> backup in case 6.11.7 had something bad happen with it. (Sits back, props
> feet on table, thinks about Steve cocking his head, batting one eye in a
> quizzical look on Monday morning, in 3...2...1...)
> Gilbert
> --
> ----
> Gilbert Sebenste
> Chief Meteorologist
> AllisonHouse, LLC

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: YTQ-137382
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