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[LDM #IPR-950174]: for ldm support

Dear Maojun Wang,

The LDM system can be used to transmit files from one computer to another. The 
LDM on the upstream computer can run a script via an EXEC entry in the LDM 
configuration-file. This script can monitor one or more directories for new 
files. When it sees a file, the script can use the pqinsert(1) utility to 
convert the file into an LDM data-product and insert that data-product into the 
LDM product-queue on the upstream computer. The LDM on the downstream computer 
can subscribe to such data-products via a REQUEST entry is the LDM 
configuration-file on the downstream computer.

The situation I've described is used in many locations to transmit files.

> Dear Sir,
> This is Maojun Wang,and I`m try to use LDM to translate our data product 
> between two different computers.Now I have a question:
> 1 Now We have developed a program p01 to monitor dir001 on ServerAThe program 
> p01 use pqinsert to send new file to LDM as long as new file comes into 
> dir001.
> 2 I don`t know whether the LDM can do what the program p01 has done.If the 
> LDM can make it,please tell me.
> Thank you very much!

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: IPR-950174
Department: Support LDM
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