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[LDM #RAQ-528920]: LDM source IP question


> Steve,
> Sorry, I'm confusing you more.  I think you answered by question already.
> See if this is correct.
> A ldm has 2 IPs, a listen IP and a source IP.
> The listen IP is the ip the ldm server listens on (set in register.xml -- ip
> -addr).  This IP is the one that remote ldm servers request data from.
> This IP can be set in the local ldm conf files (registry.xml).
> The source IP is the ip that another ldm allows in its ldmd.conf file.
> This IP can not be set in the LDM registry.xml file or any other local
> conffile, it has to comes from the system networking.

I think you've, basically, got it, except that there can be multiple "source 
IPs" (in your terminology).

I'm a bit of a stickler for proper terminology, so I'd say it this way:

The LDM server listens for incoming connections on the interface corresponding 
to the IPv4 address given in the LDM registry. If this value doesn't exist or 
is "", then the LDM server listens on all interfaces.

A downstream LDM process connects to the upstream LDM server on the host 
specified in the corresponding REQUEST entry in the LDM configuration-file. The 
host can be specified as either a hostname or as an IPv4 address.

So, in answer to your original question, yes, the "source IP" IS hard-coded 
into the LDM configuration: it's the host specification of a REQUEST entry.

> -- Leon

Steve Emmerson

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