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[LDM #BSX-988286]: Performance issue ?


The LDM is very efficient and has never cause a problem like this, so I would 
be surprised if it's the cause.

It's likely that some system resource is being overused by a rogue program. The 
candidate resources are CPU, memory, disk, and network. Do you have a system 
monitoring program (my workstation has one called "System Monitor")? If not, 
then the standard utilities must be used (top, iostat, netstat, etc.). The 
first step is to determine which resource is being overused. The second step is 
to attribute that usage to a process.

If you'll allow me to log onto the system in question as the LDM user, I'll see 
what I can see.

> Good morning guys,
> I started having an issue yesterday evening and I am not sure what is
> happening, but to my best guess it is with LDM. (Although I'm not sure of
> that).  Here is what is happening.  Everything had been running fine on my
> system with no problems.  When I got in and checked yesterday my system was
> running excessively slow and had for all intents and purposes "froze"
> (although I was able to once in awhile get the mouse to jerk around
> intermittently).  I thought perhaps it was a Firefox issue since I had left
> Firefox running. I could not do anything so I had to do a cold reboot.
> Once the system came up I went ahead and "re-booted" again this time
> properly.  When that was done it seemed like everything was running fine as
> the mouse moved around and all looked normal.  However, when I opened a
> terminal window and switched to user LDM it took a few seconds before the
> password prompt appeared and then after I typed in my password several
> seconds before the command line was ready. I went ahead and started LDM
> manually and after running "ldmadmin watch" and a few lines of data
> appeared, it seemed like it bogged down and the mouse stopped moving and
> the system froze again.  I did this process a couple more times and the
> same thing happened.  I left it running this way overnight because once in
> awhile I did see some fresher lines of data ( I left "ldmadmin watch"
> running in the terminal window). This morning I rebooted and redid the
> process again and the same thing happened. I also checked and it appeared
> no data was being stored overnight.  I checked my disk space to see if I
> was at 100% but I still had plenty of space, I had no processes running
> that were eating up the CPU and this is the first time I have run across
> this.  So I am at a loss as to what to do. Oh, one other thing, I noticed a
> yellow light on the outside of my computer by my power light, maybe
> signifying the computer was "grinding away" at something?  So my first
> guess is its an LDM issue since it seems logging on to LDM is slower than
> normal and something is obviously happening  when I start LDM up.  I
> believe my version of LDM I am running is one below the latest release. I
> dont think it is a hard drive issue or a computer issue since it seems like
> the machine runs fine before I start LDM.  Any ideas or help would greatly
> be appreciated.  Thanks.
> Kevin Polston

Steve Emmerson

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