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[LDM #KWB-851882]: pqact issues reading pq file


The results of profiling pqact(1)'s processing of NEXRAD3 data-products are in. 
It spends most of it time in very low-level and highly-efficient routines that 
are called a lot -- just what I'd expect. There wasn't anything that indicated 
a possible inefficiency.

One of our systems is experiencing a similar slowdown in pqact(1)'s processing 
of NEXRAD3 data. We reconfigured it to write all those data-products to 
/dev/null yet the NEXRAD3 pqact(1) process still, occasionally, processed the 
oldest product in the queue. Consequently, we're now beginning to suspect that 
the problem lies with the number of CPU-s and the load on the system. Can you 
correlate system-load (using "ldmadmin plotmetrics") with "Processed oldest" 
log messages on your system?

You mentioned that the same system that's running the LDM is also running 
Cupid, which is used by almost everything in EDEX. Can you move Cupid to 
another system and, if so, does it help?

Steve Emmerson

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