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[LDM #KWB-851882]: pqact issues reading pq file


We're beginning to suspect that the bottleneck lies with the file system. Would 
you please send us the output from the following commands:

    dir=regutil /pqact/datadir-path
    echo $dir
    df -h $dir
    dev=`df -h $dir | awk 'NR==2{print $1}'`
    mount | grep $dev
> Hi Tom
> Yes, these servers are 32bit.
> I was able to run plotMetrics on my local box, while pointing toward the
> metrics file that I brought back from the offending server.
> Again, using log grepping, I saw that things started to fall behind about
> 05:23gmt.  They seem to start catching up at 06:06 and fully recovered by
> 06:20.
> During this time, I see "Processed oldesst product in queue" continuously
> starting at 05:50.   This persists every second, sometimes multiple times a
> second, until 06:13 gmt
> Is there anything specific you'd like to see from the graphs I have?
> Kevin
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Steve Emmerson

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