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[LDM #GZE-935760]: Reassigning LDM feedtype

Hi Carrie,

> I have an odd question.  Is it possible to change an LDM feedtype without
> writing data from the queue and reinserting it?  If so, how?

No, this is not possible.  Moreover, the product extracted (written, etc.)
from the queue would have to change in order for a re-insertion to work.
If the product is not changed, the MD5 signature will remain the same, and
the duplicate product detection inherent in the system would reject the

> I have a realtime system that uses LDM to push data around to different
> internal servers for processing.  Products are then sent to a central LDM
> server for users to request data (all via the same feedtype).  The feedtype
> we use is making some users unhappy, and they'd like me to switch to a
> different one.  Since a large chuck of our data is moved around by this
> type, I'll need to change the LDM config on several internal machines.
> Thus, I'm interested is being able to change the feedtype at our gateway
> LDM server before users see it.

OK, I understand the desire to change feed type.  I don't understand why
some users are unhappy with the feedtype that is being used.  This should
all be transparent to the end user.

> If switching the type isn't doable, could I add a second feedtype to the
> data files?  Meaning if users requested [old type] or [new type] they'd see
> data?

Yes.  When the product is extracted, slightly changed and then re-inserted
you can specify more than one feedtype.  Please note that this would be a
bad idea IF the machines participating in the data exchange start interacting
with machines that are participating in the IDD.

> Thanks!

No worries.


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