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[LDM #QZD-630656]: ldm.pq - Not a product queue


> Installing 6.8.1 on a 64bit CentOS6.3 machine ... I get the following
> errors on startup of the rpc-ldmd ... the product queue is successfully
> made both from the direct make and ldmadmin wrapper ... and pqcheck works
> just fine, but on startup it appears during possibly the hash (MAGIC) check
> of the product queue it spits out this error and terminates.
> May  3 10:07:57 Se2020-CentOS6-Test rpc.ldmd[11047] NOTE: Starting Up
> (version: 6.8.1; built: Apr 30 2013 11:48:00)
> May  3 10:07:57 Se2020-CentOS6-Test rpc.ldmd[11047] ERROR:
> /usr/local/ldm-6.8.1/data/ldm.pq: Not a product queue
> May  3 10:07:57 Se2020-CentOS6-Test rpc.ldmd[11047] ERROR: pq_open
> failed: /usr/local/ldm-6.8.1/data/ldm.pq: Invalid argument
> May  3 10:07:57 Se2020-CentOS6-Test rpc.ldmd[11047] INFO: Exiting
> May  3 10:07:57 Se2020-CentOS6-Test rpc.ldmd[11047] NOTE: Terminating
> process group

That error-message is due to not finding the "magic" value in the right spot of 
the product-queue. We've never seen this happen and we've run the LDM on many 
32- and 64-bit systems. Could the product-queue library be trying to open a 
product-queue that was created in a different bit-length environment? What 
happens if you recreate the product-queue?

> On another 64bit machine after a clean OS install (same OS) I notice that I
> had to install gdbm.i686 (32bit version) and I was wondering if this is
> something "known" that 32bit library for that particular library set of
> functions is required.

A 32-bit GDBM library is necessary for the the DBFILE action of pqact(1). The 
fact that it was necessary on a 64-bit system indicates that the LDM wasn't 
built using a 64-bit programming environment. Something's wrong. Would you 
please send me the outputs of the configure(1) script and the "make" command.

> Tried looking at the LDM FAQ and "Successful Build System Configurations"
> but I couldn't really find anything that referenced this particular issue.

Steve Emmerson

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