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[LDM #OKM-429702]: Setting up an LDM distributor


> Full Name: Leo Rivard
> Email Address: address@hidden
> Organization: Air Force Weather Agency
> Package Version:
> Operating System:
> Hardware:
> Description of problem:
> Good day,
> Our current environment has our Prod LDM pulling all Level 2 radar
> data and Level 3 radar products from the NWS and putting the files
> on a disk array for dissemination. Because our communication line to
> NWS is limited, our Test LDM is only pulling a minute subset from NWS.
> We would like to try using the Prod LDM server as a distribution LDM to
> our Test LDM while maintaining its current workload.  Our Prod server
> has 72 GB of RAM vs. 24 GB for Test.
> Our questions are:
> 1) How much work needs to be done on Prod to configure it as a distributor
> LDM server?

An ALLOW entry for the test LDM host will have to be entered into the 
configuration-file for the production LDM.

> Does the Prod LDM need to go down for any reason to implement?

The production LDM will have to be restarted in order to enable the new ALLOW 
entry. As long as the restart takes less time than the minimum residency time 
of a data-product in the production LDM's product-queue, the production LDM 
won't miss any data. Restart times are on the order of seconds. Residency time 
should be on the order of one hour.

> 2) What additional resources will the Prod LDM server require to do both the
> work of a receiver and distributor?

The production LDM will create one upstream LDM child process for each relevant 
REQUEST entry in the test LDM's configuration-file

> 3) Can the Test LDM server do all of the pulling?

I'm afraid I don't understand the question. Pulling?

> 4) If the Test LDM came down for any reason, would it have any effect on the
> Prod LDM environment?

The test LDM going offline won't affect the production LDM: the upstream LDM 
processes will terminate and the production LDM will behave as if the test LDM 
doesn't exist. 

The production computer will have fewer processes to manage.

> Also, any other information that you can share would be very much
> appreciated.

Will you be sending someone here for the LDM workshop this summer?

> Thanks,
> Leo Rivard

Steve Emmerson

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