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[conduit] 12knam

We receive 12knam via both noaaport direct, and conduit as a redundant stream. Phil Birnie (Ohio State) noted this morning that something seems to be amiss, and I must agree. =-O

Please notice this screenshot of our nam12km directory listing here:


Most of the files are encoding as "0" bytes, and some appear to have partial data. This phenomena appears to have begun with the 06z run. :-\

NCEP Central OPS shows a TIN referencing the removal of legacy products, but not high resolution products, so logic would dictate that Grid 218 / 12knam would not be affected by these changes. Note NCEP TINS here:


Is anyone aware of changes that perhaps I missed, or experiencing the same difficulties? Or are Phil and I simply drinking the wrong Kool-Aid? :-D



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Patrick L. Francis
VP Media Logic Group

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