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[LDM #YVG-914431]: Build Problems for LDM 6.11.2 on Ubuntu Server 12.04


> For the output of the nm commands, mine are identical except for what I
> think are the memory address values. For the dynamic library, my value was
> 000000000006b648. For the static library, my value was 0000000000000150.
> I'm assuming that these differences are to be expected.

As long as the symbol "xmlFree" is defined in both the shared and regular 
libraries, then they were built correctly.

Do the libraries "/usr/local/ldm/ldm-6.11.2/lib/libxml2*" exist? Do they define 
the symbol "xmlFree"?

> As for doing a clean install, I not entirely sure what you mean. Do you
> want me to run "make distclean" in the "src" directory and try again? Do
> you want me to completely delete the source tree and re-extract the files
> from the tarball? Do you want me to download the tarball again and extract
> it into a pristine ldm user directory? I have fairly consistently run
> either "make clean" or "make distclean" before every new compilation
> attempt, although I won't swear I've done this every single time.

Delete the "src" directory and repopulate it from the tarball. Then build again 
using as few additions, options, environment variable settings, etc. as 

> Another option: both of these servers are still in the deployment stages
> and not yet in production. I could rebuild one of the servers from scratch
> and try to make sure the development environment is okay. (Although the
> output from the configure command isn't giving any indications that there's
> something wrong with the development environment, so I don't know if this
> would gain us anything.) Anyway, from my Google searches yesterday, every
> indication is that all I need to do to get a proper compile environment is
> to load the "build-essential" package and that will bring in everything
> else that is needed, at least for C/C++ code. I think I would still have to
> manually install gfortran for FORTRAN code, although that's not necessary
> for LDM, IIRC.
> Another thought that has been percolating in the back of my mind is whether
> or not I may be missing some needed Perl modules. Ubuntu is pretty
> minimalist when it comes to installing scripting language modules. I
> haven't seen anything in the log files that jump out at me that this is a
> problem, but my experience with source code is basically do the "configure,
> make, make install" dance and hope it all works.
> Thanks for hanging in there with me.
> Jay

Steve Emmerson

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