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[LDM #YVG-914431]: Build Problems for LDM 6.11.2 on Ubuntu Server 12.04


> Thanks for trying. I am the system administrator, so no additional help to
> be found there.
> FWIW, I have two servers running Ubuntu Server 12.04. I loaded gcc 4.5 on
> the other server and tried with that. Same results. Also, I have a
> workstation running Kubuntu 12.04. I tried on it (with gcc 4.6) and got the
> same results. I agree there's something wrong with my development
> environment, but I don't have the beginnings of a clue what it could be.
> Perhaps I'll post on the Ubuntu Server forums and see if I get any help
> there.

You should probably verify that the libxml2 library that's part of the LDM 
package was built correctly by comparing the following commands on my system to 

    $ cd
    $ cd src/libxml2/.libs
    $ nm -g libxml2.so | grep -w xmlFree
    000000000028c220 D xmlFree
    $ nm -g libxml2.a | grep -w xmlFree
                     U xmlFree
                     U xmlFree
                     U xmlFree
                     U xmlFree
                     U xmlFree
                     U xmlFree
                     U xmlFree
                     U xmlFree
                     U xmlFree
                     U xmlFree
                     U xmlFree
                     U xmlFree
    0000000000000000 D xmlFree
                     U xmlFree
                     U xmlFree
                     U xmlFree
                     U xmlFree
                     U xmlFree

> There is something I didn't mention in my original post because I was
> trying to be brief. I did some experimenting, thinking that maybe I needed
> to pass in some environment variables. At the time I did that, I thought
> the system libxml2 wasn't being found, so I set "LIBS" to
> "-L/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu -lxml2" (or it might have been -llibxml2, it
> was one or the other) and then everything compiled. But, that raised other
> problems. When I tried to use ldmadmin to make a queue (after configuring
> the registry) it failed with an error message about, IIRC, libldm.so not
> having the "log" symbol defined. This is all very bizarre.

Yes. Do as Tom suggested and try a clean build from scratch.

> Jay

Steve Emmerson

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