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[LDM #LYE-352040]: Do you have some troubleshooting time?

Hi Gerry,

> This could be routed to support, as well, for tracking.

So done :-)

> However, what I
> really need is to bounce some ideas around, and perhaps talk to someone
> about this. What's happening is, with the cluster at A&M, I'm not getting
> data on a couple of new LDM installs I've done recently. Even copying
> ldmd.conf and pqact.conf files wholesale has resulted in no data coming in
> as near as I could tell.

Have you reviewed the LDM log files on the idd.tamu.edu cluster real servers?
If yes, what do they indicate?

> And, while I'm at it, I've got a problem with installation... I have a VM
> they've created for me on the Boomer supercomputer VM cluster, specifically
> for LDM use. I have a gcreager directory, and this is what I've installed
> LDM in. I do have sudo (no passwd required) permissions, so the install
> went smoothly save a couple of points.

OK.  The LDM should install and run normally in a non-'ldm' account.

> 1. logging is going to /var/spool/messages although /etc/rsyslog.conf is,
>    as near as I can tell, correctly modified to point such things to
>    ~gcreager/var/logs/ldmd.log

This sounds like a SELINUX-related issue.

> 2. data are seen in ldmadmin tail and ldmadmin watch are not being written
>    to file. I'm specifically looking for feedtype PCWS (ACARS).

This sounds like a 'pqact' pattern-action issue.

> A notifyme to ldm.tamu.edu does show data availability.

Excellent.  A 'notifyme' that shows data on the upstream confirms that
there is an ALLOW on the upstream that permits the local machine to request
data.  The receipt of data shown in an 'ldmadmin watch' verifies that
the data is making it to your LDM.  The fact that output files are not
being written to disk indicates some sort of a pattern-action file

> I'm pretty confused.

Join the crowd :-)

> Phone is 405.325.6731

I am in my office for pretty much the rest of the day today.  You can
call me at 303.497.8642 if you want.


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