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[LDM #VZP-575055]: 6.11.1 LDM error documentation


> It appears that yes, the decoders do depend on LDM to define where
> "home" is since they don't have a defined path of where that directory
> is. We have to put this .dummy directory in the home/working path of LDM.
> In LDM 6.7.0 ldmadmin-pl.conf we had: $ldmhome = "/iodprod/dbnet/ldm";
> and $data_path = "$ldmhome/data";
> Also set in .profile was $LDMHOME /iodprod/dbnet/ldm
> And the .dummy directory was in /iodprod/dbnet/ldm, not in data, and
> everything works
> In 6.11.1 registry.xml there isn't a variable to set $ldmhome to. But,
> my question was could there be? There isn't a defined spot for $ldmhome,
> but can we add it in ourselves? And if we can define ldmhome would that
> then override where LDM's working directory is (ldm/var/data)? We still
> however have the .profile $LDMHOME /iodprod/dbnet/ldm which isn't
> seemingly doing anything to define where the working directory for the
> PIPEs are.
> Anyways, our problem was the decoders couldn't see the .dummy directory
> because the "working" directory wasn't isn't ldm's home dir, it is set
> to datadir-path. Once we put the .dummy directory under datadir-path the
> decoders started working.
> Hmm. Hope that makes a little more sense.

Would it be correct to say that the decoders actually don't use an LDMHOME 
variable but merely expect to see a .dummy directory in their current working 

> Carissa

Steve Emmerson

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