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[LDM #SQS-125688]: Problem with LDM configuration file.


> Thanks for answer.
> How you suggested I was the commands, but nothing dates ping.

I'm afraid I don't understand "nothing dates ping".

> Below one copy of system answer:
> address@hidden:~/var/queues> ldmadmin stop
> Stopping the LDM server...
> address@hidden:~/var/queues> ldmadmin clean
> address@hidden:~/var/queues> ldmadmin delqueue && ldmadmin mkqueue && 
> ldmadmin start
> The product-queue is OK.
> Checking pqact(1) configuration-file(s)...
> /usr/local/ldm/etc/pqact.conf: syntactically correct
> Checking LDM configuration-file (/usr/local/ldm/etc/ldmd.conf)...
> Starting the LDM server...
> address@hidden:~/var/queues> ldmadmin watch
> (Type ^D when finished)
> ^D

Was anything printed by the "ldmadmin watch" command? If not, then please send 
me the file "etc/ldmd.conf".

> address@hidden:~/var/queues> ldmadmin check
> Checking for a running LDM system...
> Checking the system clock...
> Checking the most-recent insertion into the queue...
> Vetting the size of the queue against the maximum acceptable latency...

Did the "ldmadmin check" command return or did it hang after printing "maximum 
acceptable latency..."?

> I observed that the file ldmd.pq have been the maximum bytes after the command
> ldmadmin delqueue && ldmadmin makqueue

The file "ldmd.pq" is preallocated, so its size will not change.

> I conclude that the system doesn't clean the queue, count the time clock and 
> doesn't receive dates.
> I conclude these aspects after the use the command ldmadmin watch.
> The system write the clock, stop and doesn't show the date list.
> My conclusion is correct?

May I log onto the computer as the LDM user to investigate? You would have to 
send the computer's name and the name of the LDM user in one email and the 
password in a separate email.

> Thanks.
> LÃzaro.

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: SQS-125688
Department: Support LDM
Priority: Normal
Status: Closed

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