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[LDM #MNK-989154]: comparing, contrasting two ldm servers

Hi SJ,

When I logged into measwx to check on things this evening, I found
that there were several GEMPAK decoder invocations that had been running
for a LONG time (near the beginning of August).  I was able to kill most
of them (after stopping the LDM), but three refuse to be killed (I tried
'kill' and 'kill -9' as both 'ldm' and 'root').

The processes that won't die are:

89566  dcncprof     0.0   00:00.01 1      0    25    42    888K   972K   2980K
89563  dcnldn       0.0   00:00.01 1      0    26    39    1900K  1208K  3468K
89562  dcnldn       0.0   00:00.01 1      0    26    39    1900K  1208K  3468K

After killing several other GEMPAK decoders that had been running for
a long time (one from August 6!!), the load average on measwx dropped
from 11-12 to 5-6.  Killing the other stuck processes (see above) may
lessen the load on the machine even further.

As far as stuck processes, the first line listed when running 'top' shows
that there are several stuck processes:

Processes: 163 total, 7 running, 7 stuck, 149 sleeping, 648 threads         

At this point, I think that a reboot of the system is in order!


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