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[LDM #WMK-256465]: 'Not a WMO format message' error


> I'm sorry if the horse is already dead, but we're getting some amount of
> push-back from some folks, so I'm just trying to understand as much as I
> can...
> What makes pqing recognize that it's a new piece of data and therefore
> it doesn't have to be added to the same bufr as the last chunk of data?
> Is it the WMO header?

pqing(1) reads bytes until it sees the WMO start-of-message character sequence 
SOH CR CR LF. It then shifts everything from that point on to the beginning of 
the buffer and reads bytes until it sees the WMO end-of-message character 
sequence (CR CR LF ETX) or until end-of-file (whichever comes first). While 
this is happening, the buffer is expanded, as necessary, to accommodate more 
data. Once the end-of-message or file is seen, everything in the buffer up to 
that point is the WMO message, which is then converted into an LDM data-product 
and inserted into the product-queue.

The problem with the files in question is that they don't contain a WMO 
start-of-message character sequence. Information on the format of a WMO message 
can be found at http://www.nws.noaa.gov/tg/head.html.

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: WMK-256465
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