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[LDM #WMK-256465]: 'Not a WMO format message' error


> When you say it grows dynamically, is it that it keeps reading in data
> and at some point realizes it needs more space?  That it's tallying up
> the size as it reads it in?
> Or is there something in the data itself that says "I consist of the
> next 13000 bytes"?

pqing(1) is constantly reading chunks of data into its buffer. When there's 
insufficient room in the buffer for the next chunk, then it expands the buffer.

There's nothing in a WMO message that says how big it is. Recall that the 
format for WMO messages dates from the time of teletypes.

> We're trying to determine if the originators of this data are
> mis-formatting their data and that's why our process thinks the product
> is so big.  Cause when you do an ls on the file, it's nowhere near as
> big as our LDM thinks it is.

The size of the buffer doubles when it expands, so it can end up being almost 
twice as large as the largest WMO message.

> Becky

Steve Emmerson

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