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[LDM #ZCO-919906]: pqact Question


> 1. You must ensure, however, that products so tagged are not distributed on 
> the IDD network. - How can I tell if itâs so tagged?

By "so tagged" I meant "using the SPARE feedtype". It would be best if 
data-products that have the SPARE bit turned on were not distributed on the LDM 
network that we manage to distribute meteorological data and observations (the 

> 2. I couldn't find where in the pqact(1) program the INFO-level log message 
> "file: ..." is emitted. What version of the LDM are you running? - I'm 
> running LDM version 6.7.1.

Version 6.7.1 of the LDM is 3 years old. You might consider upgrading.

> Not real sure what you mean by the first part of the statement.  I know there 
> is no INFO: file: line in the pqact.log file.  All I can deduce is that pqact 
> is not matching the SPARE file names in pqact.conf.

The pqact(1) program in the current version of the LDM doesn't emit a log 
message like "file: ...", so I wondered what version of the LDM you were using.

> 3. Concerning the various expressions I have in pqact.conf, I've been trying 
> every possible expression to get pqact to match the SPARE filenames.  I've 
> tried the versions you suggest but still can't get pqact to create the output 
> files.

Those pqact(1) configuration-file entries will match the relevant 
data-products. If the files aren't being created, then an assumption is wrong.

Does the LDM user have write access to "/apps/rfc/ldm_data/import/test/"?

> 4. Are you certain that the pqact(1) process is using the given pqact(1) 
> configuration-file? - 99% sure that the pqact.conf I sent you is the one 
> pqact is using. There is only one config file on the system with the SPARE 
> declarations.

I note that the log messages indicate that the pqact(1) configuration-file is 
"pqact.conf"; whereas, the file you sent me is named "pqact-1.conf". Is this 
difference significant?

How many pqact(1) processes does your LDM configuration-file (default: 
"etc/ldmd.conf") EXEC? Can you send me that file?

> 5. Is there any chance I could log onto the system in question as the LDM 
> user in order to investigate? - Sorry but with TVA being a power company and 
> federal agency, we have more firewalls and security issues than Carter has 
> pills (you may be too young for that reference).  It would be to my benefit 
> to allow you access but no can do.

I figured as much.

> Back to your first comment.  How can I check to verify that my SPARE product 
> is not tagged?  If it were tagged, would I even be receiving the files?  
> Thanks for your help.

As I said, the "tagging" refers to the use of the SPARE bit.

> Mike
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Steve Emmerson

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