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[Support #DKA-290735]: LDM 6.10.1 Queue Issues


The statement in file "LdmProxy.c" that's causing the SIGSEGV is, after 

    log_start("%s failure to host \"%s\": %s" " [%s:%d", name, proxy->host, 
clnt_errmsg(proxy->clnt), "LdmProxy.c", 68);

The stack traces you sent show that "name" is "HIYA_6", "proxy->host" is 
"orion.zedxinc.com", and the RPC library function (which comes with the LDM 
package) "clnt_errmsg()" can't return an unterminated string. There is, 
therefore, no reason why the statement should fail -- assuming my assumptions 
are correct.

One assumption is that the C compiler is doing the right thing. You might try 
another compiler or a different set of options (especially any optimization 
options). For example,

    make distclean
    ./configure CC=... CFLAGS=... ...

Another assumption is that the clnt_errmsg() function being used is the one 
that's in the LDM library. You can verify this with the command

    ldd $HOME/bin/ldmd

(verify that the output lists the LDM library) and the command

    nm -g <<LDM_library>> | grep clnt_errmsg

where <<library>> is the LDM library listed by the previous command.

Alternatively, may I log onto the system in question as the LDM user and 

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: DKA-290735
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