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[Support #DKA-290735]: LDM 6.10.1 Queue Issues


> Sorry I've been busy, took me a while to get back to this.

No worries.

> (gdb) f 5
> #5  0x00002ad15c27ddf6 in getStatus (proxy=0xe7c0310,
> name=0x2ad15c2a829e "HIYA_6", info=0x0) at LdmProxy.c:67
> 67                LOG_START3("%s failure to host \"%s\": %s", name,
> proxy->host,
> (gdb) print *proxy
> $1 = {hiya = 0x2ad15c27e430 <my_hiya_6>, send = 0x2ad15c27e2e0
> <my_send_6>, flush = 0x2ad15c27e2b0 <my_flush_6>,
> host = 0xe7c0360 "orion.zedxinc.com", clnt = 0xe7c0380, rpcTimeout =
> {tv_sec = 25, tv_usec = 0}, max_hereis = 47078685396496, version = 6}
> (gdb) print *proxy->clnt
> $2 = {cl_auth = 0xe7c03a0, cl_ops = 0x2ad15c4cf300, cl_private =
> 0xe7c10f0 "\004"}

Well, I'm stumped. The SIGSEGV occurred in strlen(), which means that it 
couldn't find the end of a string. Yet all 3 arguments to the LOG_START3() 
macro appear to be valid and the two additional arguments that it passes to 
log_start are the __FILE__ and __LINE__ macros, which should also be OK.

Would you please drop into the "src/protocol" directory, execute the command 
"make LdmProxy.i", and send me that file.

> Eric M. Hudish
> ZedX, Incorporated
> 369 Rolling Ridge Road
> Bellefonte, PA 16823
> Phone: +1.814.357.8490 +225
> Cell:  +1.724.977.3314
> PGP Security Available
> Search http://keyserver.pgp.com

Steve Emmerson

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