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[LDM #QUM-298362]: primary/secondary


> Well I wracked my brain, and for testing I set up another server to get the
> same data sets from the upstreams, and it did not exhibit the same
> problem.  So, then I went back and restored the original configuration on
> my downstream to try and recreate the problem, and it's gone.
> We had some weird network/switch issues earlier this week, and my theory
> now is that this was a manifestation of that problem. I've been checking
> since yesterday afternoon, and all data appears to be making it through
> now.
> So, for now I'm going to chalk it up to network and let it go.

I'm very to hear you say that. :-)

> I would still like to put in wish list request for a way to have a primary,
> and *not* switch to a secondary unless the primary has been unreachable for
> a user-configured amount of time.  I know there are other ways to do that
> (such as HA) but it would be nice to be able to just tell LDM "use that one
> unless you can't get to it".

Interesting idea. Would you do me a favor and create an issue for it on the LDM 
GitHub site <https://github.com/Unidata/LDM>.

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