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[Staging #FMV-140791]: Fwd: LDM data getting behind

Hi Stacey,

> Thanks for your response to my questions.  We have completed a lot of
> logging and testing today and have some more information.  It appears the
> data in question is, in fact, making to into the LDM queue on our machine
> when it should.

Very good.  That was the first question that needed answering. It also
suggest strongly that you are not running on a Mac since the the problem
on the Mac is that data flow to the machine seems to get starved out.

> For some reason, it is not getting processed as fast as it
> should.  We are going to be testing further over the next few days to try
> and pinpoint what the problem could be.  We have a C executable that
> processes the radar data. It can process the data and put an image on the
> queue in about 1-2 seconds.

I don't understand this explanation.  Are you saying that you are not
REQUESTing the NOAAPort Level III products from an upstream LDM?

> For some reason when the data comes in it can
> take 5-10 minutes to put the produced image back on the queue.  The amount
> of time it takes depends on how long LDM has been running.  The longer it
> runs, the longer it is before the produced images is put on the queue. This
> is weird since the computer is not under much load at all.  I'll let you
> know if we have any more information that you might be able to help us
> with.

I think you are saying that your processing workflow is:

- receive Level III products via an upstream LDM feed

  You say this below.

- you process those products out of the queue and create display

  I think you are saying this above.  If yes, are you logging
  the creation of the display products so you can see how fast
  this is occurring?

- you put those products back into the queue

  And it is the putting of the display products back into the
  queue that is taking longer and longer??

> The computer receives LDM data from our ingesting computer. Our ingesting
> computer receives the data from NOAAPort.

OK, got it.

> The computer that is processing
> this data has two 2.3 Ghz 6-core processors with 8GB of RAM running a
> custom version of Linux.

Should be a smoking unit!

What is the custom version of Linux, and what customizations does it
have.  This could be important, although I can articulate why at the


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