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[LDM #DXJ-975558]: help with new LDM install?


> I recently compiled and installed LDM onto a new Mac running 10.7.2. I am not 
> getting all of the products on the new server that are being written to the 
> old server, although I using pretty much the same ldmd.conf and pqacts, etc. 
> At first I thought it was because I was cheating and using an old GEMPAK, but 
> I compiled and installed the new GEMPAK and no change (Except for "Jason's" 
> directory.) I've looked it over backwards and forwards and can't tell why I'm 
> not getting the same data. Can it be the LDM install only partly worked?
> The old server gets these processed: acft  drops   logs   ncon      
> profiler_bufr  ship     surface  upperair
> airm  images  model  nexrad    rdf            ship6hr  syn
> csig  isig    mos    profiler  scd            storm    taf
> New server only gets these: images, nexrad, nwx

Please send me a list of the FEEDTYPES received by the old server and a list of 
the FEEDTYPES received by the new server.

> Attaching some log files from the install.

I didn't notice anything untoward in either the "configure.log" file or in the 
"make.log" file.

First, please verify that the new LDM's product-queue doesn't contain any of 
the missing data-products via the command "pqcat -vl- -f <feedtype> -o 7200 
>/dev/null" -- after replacing <feedtype> with an expression for the feedtypes 
not received by the new LDM.

If the new LDM's product-queue doesn't contain any data-products of the missing 
feedtypes, then please send me the relevant ALLOW entries from the upstream 
LDM's configuration-file and the relevant REQUEST entries from the new LDM's 
> ANY help greatly appreciated :)
> -sj
> Susan Jane Curtis
> Computer Consultant
> Department Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
> NC State University
> 3150 Jordan Hall - Box 8208
> Raleigh NC 27695
> 919.515.2609

Steve Emmerson

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