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[LDM #TBZ-761980]: memory leak?


> I've been working with Justin Weaver on an LDM issue we've been having
> for the last couple of weeks or so.  Specifically...  LDM continues
> using more and more memory as data arrives until the server crashes...
> almost like LDM never releases any memory.  I'm certainly not a linux
> guru, however.

I've worked hard to eliminate memory-leaks, so this is a surprise. Our 6.9 
LDM-s don't exhibit memory-leaks.

Are you collecting metrics with a periodic, crontab(1)-based, "ldmadmin 
addmetrics" command? If so, can you plot them via the command "ldmadmin 
plotmetrics"? If so, what does the "Space" plot show?

> We are attempting to run ldm 6.9.7 in a virtual server environment with
> CentOS 5.2.  I noticed a few errors at the end of the make.log file.
> Not sure if that would help or not.  We've tried one older version of
> ldm (6.9.6) to see if it would run any better, but had the same results
> as above.  We felt like this was a configuration issue with either pqact
> or ldmd.conf, but using bare-bones configurations didn't help our
> cause.  Also checked the support archives, but didn't find anything that
> might help us.

I haven't heard of a memory-leak in the LDM for several years.

> Any suggestions on what we might try next?

Try to get the "ldmadmin plotmetrics" command working and send me the results.

> Thanks and best regards,
> Bruce
> --
> Bruce Haynie
> Electronic Systems Analyst
> National Weather Service
> Lubbock, TX
> address@hidden
> Amateur Radio Call Sign: NW5S
Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: TBZ-761980
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