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[LDM #TIB-337303]: New IDD relay - ldm is hanging after some time

Hi Pete,

re: any updates
> Sorry, it has been a crazy few days after Memorial day. Everyone is back
> and wanting data, hardware ordered, etc...

No worries.  We have lots going on at the moment also...

> I ran several different queue sizes between 20 and 24.5 Gb over the
> weekend, all of them hung at some point. When it hangs, the ldm is still
> running, but one of the ldmd processes pegs at 100% and little if any
> data is processed.

I have seen situations like this a LONG time ago, and it was typically
related to a corrupt queue.  Since you are deleting and remaking your
LDM queue for each test, a corrupt queue should not be a problem
for you.

> I started a 16 Gb queue on Sunday and it has run continuously w/o
> problems since then. That is 1/2 of my memory. Not sure if that is a
> limit of the ldm, or something in the OS or kernel, or what.

There is no limit with the LDM that we know of.  Mike ran with a 40 GB
queue when he first brought up one of our new cluster nodes.  The
sysadmin at Purdue ran with a 240 GB queue when they first started
playing with relay of the NEXRAD Level II data.

> I am thinking my next test is to nuke the OS completely and go with
> CentOS 5.x to see if that exhibits the same behavior.

OK.  This would be interesting for us.

> However, I can leave it as is for a bit and get you a login if you or
> someone out there is interested in playing around with it.

I am not sure that we would have much, if anything, to do, but we
are always willing to logon and poke around!


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