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[NOAAPORT #HVQ-198407]: noaaport and ldm software combinations

Hi Jerry,

> In an earlier email (Dec 28, 2010) you suggested that the following noaaport 
> and
> ldm software be paired
> noaaport-1.5.x <-> LDM 6.9.x+
> noaaport-1.4.x <-> LDM 6.4.x - LDM 6.8.1

Yes, we did make this recommendation.  The reason for the different pairing
had to do with the build process contained in LDM and the reliance on
that build process that was available in the NOAAPort package.  Steve Emmerson
has, however, been upgrading the NOAAPort package to use automake in the same
way that LDM 6.9.x does.  One of the goals is to move away from the 
dependency that exists currently.

> We noticed that the ftp site now has noaaport-1.6.2 .  
> ftp://ftp.unidata.ucar.edu/pub/noaaport/
> Do you recommend upgrading to that version?

Yes, we recommend upgrading to 1.6.2.

FYI: there will be a likely be a new NOAAPort release in the not too distant 
Steve Emmerson has been experimenting with changing the current setup:

- one process read a UDP stream from the Ethernet interface and write to a 
  memory buffer and a separate process reads from the shared memory buffer and
  creates products which are then inserted into an LDM queue


- a single, multithreaded routine where one thread does the reading
  and a second does the productization and queue insertion

Steve feels that this refactoring will result in a more robust system
that is better suited to handle the 3x volume increase that is expected
in the NOAAPort SBN.

The refactored code seem to be running well on one of our NOAAPort machines
here in Boulder (burns.unidata.ucar.edu).  If and when this version may
replace the current package has not yet been decided -- Steve is still
tweaking the code.

> Which combination of ldm and noaaport do you recommend?

Currently we recommend LDM 6.9.7 with NOAAPort 1.6.2.  If/when a new
NOAAPort release is made, this combination will likely be LDM 6.9.7
and NOAAPort x.y.z.


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