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[LDM #OHH-743555]: LDM crash due to child seg fault

Hi Ryan,

> We ran into a problem this morning.  One of the child processes that our
> LDM executes was seg faulting.  Somehow that was leading to LDM shutting
> down.  I'm attaching a log file that captures one of the events.  Search
> for "comm_client" in the log file.

The relevant section of the log file is this:

May 17 12:56:58 awcdas1 rpc.ldmd[12327] NOTE: child 12331 terminated by signal 
11: /awc/local/bin/hawrap eth0:0 comm_client -B -s AWC -v 1 -p 53004 -D 
/data/transmit/socket -S /data/sent/socket -F /data/sent/socket/fail -P 
/awc/ops/ldmdas/logs -n -n 
May 17 12:56:58 awcdas1 rpc.ldmd[12327] NOTE: Killing (SIGTERM) process group 

The top-level LDM server is designed to terminate the LDM system if any EXEC-ed 
process terminates abnormally. This is a feature and not a bug.

In your case, the process "/awc/local/bin/hawrap eth0:0 comm_client -B -s AWC 
-v 1 -p 53004 -D /data/transmit/socket -S /data/sent/socket -F 
/data/sent/socket/fail -P /awc/ops/ldmdas/logs -n -n" terminated abnormally due to a segmentation violation. I 
recommend either 1) fixing the program so that it doesn't seg-fault 
(valgrind(1) is great for this, as is a debugger) or 2) wrapping the process in 
a script that either restarts the program or terminates normally.

No one from AWC coming here for the LDM workshop?

> Best regards,
> Ryan Solomon
> Aviation Weather Center

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: OHH-743555
Department: Support LDM
Priority: Normal
Status: Closed

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