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[LDM #IPH-715301]: Configuring LDM on a HA pair

Hi Ryan,

> Our primary LDM data server is a high availability pair.  We want to
> keep LDM running on both machines so the LDM queues can stay in sync.
> We don't, however, want both machines to pull data from the upstream LDM
> hosts.  Rather, we want the inactive server to pull from the active
> server.  We use one account, one set of configuration files, but two
> separate data queues.  Is there a way to configure the requests/allows
> so that the inactive server first attempts to get the data from the
> active server?

If I understand you correctly, you want the backup LDM to get its data from the 
primary LDM unless and until the primary LDM goes offline and then you want the 
backup LDM to get its data from the outside source. Is that correct?

I'm afraid I can't think of a way to do this from within the LDM package. You 
could have REQUEST entries in the backup LDM's configuration-file to both the 
primary LDM and the outside source, but I expect that the backup LDM would end 
up getting most of its data from the outside source.

Several sites have created high-availability LDM-s. We've done that here. To 
the best of my knowledge, the solution has always involved something outside 
the LDM package.

> Thanks.
> Ryan Solomon
> Aviation Weather Center

Steve Emmerson

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